Welcome to LAVA herbal life

Lava Organic Food Company is now the leading manufacturer of organic foodstuffs in its class and among the fastest growing in the region

We are a group of doctors, herbalists and technicians living in Turkey and we are constantly working to obtain the best organic products that help improve the body in general, hair and skin and we have succeeded in a lot of that, but we aspire for more

Our story

Our journey with organic materials began in 2017, where we began to produce innovative organic materials that help people who suffer from general health problems in the body to solve their problems radically without any side damages since the products we work on are completely free of chemicals and additives and since then we have found acceptance A wide range of what we do in the market .. Therefore, we decided to develop permanently to provide the best and safest to remain one of the leading brands in the field of nutrition and beauty

Our business

LAVA is a company registered in the Turkish Chamber of Commerce under the name (LAVA GIDA DİŞ TİC. LTD. ŞTİ.)And it works within the Turkish specifications specified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Livestock, as it holds manufacturing, packaging and export certificates, and all of its products are subject to the global standards of control and standardization S90001 of 2008

Packing Plants

We produce various types of organic food and cosmetic products with the best laboratories in Turkey and the latest technologies to meet all the needs of the local and global market, as the packaging of our products is distinguished by its durability and quality in preserving food for the longest possible period.

Shipping Operations

We ship our products to all countries of the world where the goods reach the consumer in the best conditions and at the fastest time